The Corrections Program is a residential chemical dependency treatment for federal inmates on Day Parole, Full Parole/residency, Stat Release/residency.


To be accepted into this program you must have a history of chemical dependency and be required to complete an intensive, residential treatment as a condition of release. (Request a CA specific to the Harbour Light). You must have completed an institutional interview by agency staff. Your residency must be approved by the Kingston Parole Office, and your release plan must be approved by the National Parole Board.

*Please Note: that people on narcotic medications are not permitted

No person can take a schooling course or get a job untill after treatment is completed

We do not accept individuals on methodone

We do not accept individuals who have been charged or convicted of sexual offenses against children

You must arrive with either a current valid OHIP card or birth certificate and S.I.N. ( Social Insurance Number) Card


The admission is dependant upon bed availability at the time of release.


For description of Program Content, see Chemical Dependency Treatment section.


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